THE MISSION OF MADERA IRRIGATION DISTRICT is to obtain and manage affordable surface water and groundwater supplies in a manner which will ensure the long-term viability of irrigated agriculture in the District.


Request for Grower Participation


Madera Irrigation District. in cooperation with Sustainable Conservation, is researching the option of On-Farm Recharge (OFR). OFR - using flood water to recharge groundwater on active cropland - is potentially an affordable and practical water management tool that can move groundwater basins, including the Madera Subbasin, toward a sustainable balance, but this option needs grower participation and further research.

The purpose of the Request for Participation (RFP) is to identify growers within Madera Irrigation District interested in participating in OFR on a portion of their vineyard or tree block.  Researchers will conduct an on-farm water quantity analysis measuring the potential of this form of recharge.  This grower will have control of how much and how long water is applied to their field/the demonstration site.  However, a critical factor in selecting participating growers is that surface water must be applied in excess of ETc to fulfill the objective of this program to recharge the underlying aquifer.

Reasons for Growers to Participate

Growers who have implemented OFR for decades site a variety of agricultural production and water quantity and quality benefits.  Some of these benefits include: flushing salts below the root zone, improving well water quality by percolating surface water into the underlying basin, reducing lift/pumping costs, and keeping their well from collapsing.

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Annual Growers Meeting


DSC 0076

General Manager Thomas Greci presents to growers at the Annual Growers Meeting held on April 26, 2017.  
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Press Release - Water Deliveries and Recharge Effort


Last week Madera Irrigation District (MID or District) began receiving water from Millerton Lake (Friant Dam) and Hensley Lake (Hidden Dam) to alleviate flood potential and begin groundwater recharge efforts.  After five years of reduced water supplies, including two years of zero allocations, the District has opted to deliver water free of charge to District landowners.  The Board of Directors, at the District’s January 10, 2017 Board Meeting, made the decision to allow District landowners to take surface water at no charge through January 20, 2017.  After January 20, 2017, the rate will be set at the reduced price of $40.00 per acre foot for Original District landowners and $80.00 per acre foot for Subordinate landowners. 


“It has been challenging over the last few years to manage severe drought conditions, the District recognizes the need to capture and use as much surface water as possible when it is present.  The District is currently routing surface water for recharge purposes into newly rehabilitated basins and is promoting the use of surface water on lands within the District to prevent the loss of the water.  The primary opportunity for us to mitigate groundwater overdraft in Madera is to capture and use as much surface water as possible when it is available” stated Thomas Greci, General Manager. 


“MID’s Board of Directors encourages all District landowners to take advantage of this opportunity provided by the District to receive water at no charge.  The Board of Directors wanted to acknowledge the water supply challenges landowners faced over the last few years and promote the utilization of this very valuable resource while it is available” stated Jim Erickson, MID Board President.   

Madera Irrigation District is currently accepting Crop Water Applications and water orders.  The District is urging all growers with the ability to take surface water to do so between now and January 20, 2017 as the extent of this water availability is unknown.  To sign up or to order water please contact the office at 559-673-3514 or at Madera Irrigation District, 12152 Road 28 ¼, Madera, CA. 

Basin Photo Press Release

 MID takes advantage of available water for recharge efforts in basins throughout the District.





 2017011195104658 003


District landowners taking advantage of the available surface water. 




Press Release - MID Recognized as District of Distinction


The Madera Irrigation District (District or MID) was recently awarded the “District of Distinction” accreditation by California’s Special District Leadership Foundation (SDLF).  The District was recognized in 2016 for its achievements in the areas of governance, transparency, finances, and board conduct.

“Madera Irrigation District is proud to receive this highly prestigious recognition by SDLF.  It is a testament to the emphasis placed on good governance by the District’s Board of Directors and Staff in recent years” stated Thomas Greci, General Manager. 

The District of Distinction accreditation is among California’s highest government honors.  Out of almost 2,100 special districts in California, MID is one of only thirty-three (33) special districts to receive this distinction.  To receive the accreditation, a special district must demonstrate the completion of essential governance transparency requirements including conducting ethics and harassment training for all board members, properly conducting open and public meetings, and filing financial transactions and compensation reports to the State Controller in a timely manner.  The District received the prerequisite Transparency Certificate from SDLF in 2015.  SDLF is an independent, non-profit organization formed to promote good governance and best practices among California’s special districts through certification, accreditation and other recognition programs.

In addition to the recognition through SDLF, the MID was acknowledged by California State Assemblyman Frank Bigelow with a State Assembly Resolution for receiving the District of Distinction accreditation.

District of Distinction 11 16     (Pictured from left) David Aranda, SDLF President, MID General Manager Thomas Greci, MID Board Secretary Andrea Sandoval, MID Assistant General Manager Dina Nolan, and SDLF Chief Executive Officer Neil McCormick

District of Distinction Bigelow 11 16 (Pictured from left) Director Dave Loquaci, Director Rick Cosyns, Assemblyman Frank Bigelow, Assistant General Manager Dina Nolan, Board Secretary Andrea Sandoval, Board President Carl Janzen, Director Jim Erickson, and General Manager Thomas Greci 




Press Release MID Assessment Transfer



Madera Irrigation District (MID) and the County of Madera (County) have partnered to transfer the billing and collection duties for MID’s assessments and standby charges to the County. The transfer will take effect this year with MID’s 2017 assessments and 2016 standby charges. MID’s assessments and standby charges will be reflected on the County tax bill as a one-line item direct charge titled “MADERA IRRIGATION DISTRICT” and will be subject to the due dates and penalties set by the County of Madera. While MID will no longer mail invoices for assessments and standby charges, MID will still continue to bill directly for water usage.  Also, prior years’ delinquent assessments will continue to be paid to MID.

“We’ve been working on this for several months to make the transition for MID customers as simple and understandable as possible”, stated Tracy Kennedy, Madera County Treasurer Tax Collector. “When our property tax bills are mailed in mid-October, the 18,000 MID landowners will see a line item on their property tax bills that will simply state “MADERA IRRIGATION DISTRICT” and directly across from that heading will be your annual assessment. As is customary, the annual assessment will be divided into two installments and collected together with your property tax payments” continued Tracy Kennedy.

“MID appreciates the County’s cooperation on this transition that will benefit over 18,000 landowners in MID and Madera County” stated Thomas Greci, MID General Manager.  “Additionally, MID encourages anyone with questions related to this transition to contact MID’s office or visit the MID website for more information.”

MID and the County believe this change will be a benefit to landowners and taxpayers, simplifying the payment process as one payment can be made for County property taxes, MID assessments, and MID standby charges. Also, as an added benefit, the County accepts a variety of payment options including credit card, debit card, electronic check, cash, check, cashier’s check, and money order (credit card, debit card, and electronic check payments will incur a convenience fee).  Both Madera Irrigation District and Madera County Tax Collector’s office are committed to making this a smooth transition for the constituents served.

If you have any questions regarding this change or your bill, please call Madera Irrigation District directly at 559-673-3514.

MID Receives US Bureau of Reclamation Award


The Madera Irrigation District (District or MID) has been awarded the Regional Director’s Award from the United States Bureau of Reclamation Mid-Pacific Region (USBR or Reclamation) for its commitment to improve water management practices, promoting water conservation and efficiency.  The Mid-Pacific Region of Reclamation covers a large geographic area spanning from the northern two-thirds of California and most of western Nevada to the southern part of Oregon with a large number of water and power contractors. The Mid-Pacific Region fulfills water obligations for agriculture, power generation, water conservation, water recycling and reuse.

Reclamation’s Mid-Pacific Region manages one of the largest water storage and transport systems in the world, the Central Valley Project (CVP). The CVP includes twenty (20) dams and reservoirs and eleven (11) powerplants with a combined storage capacity of more than eleven (11) million acre-feet of water.  The CVP serves farms, homes, and industry in California’s Central Valley.  Madera Irrigation District is a CVP contractor with water contracts from the Friant Unit (San Joaquin River) and Hidden Unit (Fresno River).     

The Madera Irrigation District was awarded the Regional Director’s Award at Reclamation’s Mid-Pacific Conference on January 20, 2016 for its collaboration “with Reclamation’s grant programs to conserve and better manage valuable water resources by implementing Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition projects, replacing approximately 100 farm turnouts meters, installing flume gates, and equipping ditch tenders with real-time meter reading applications.”  In addition, “the District has made significant progress in the realms of the water industry including infrastructure upgrades, operating under balanced budgets during drought years, promoting public education on water related topics, and fostering cooperation and partnerships with neighboring agencies.” 

“This is one of the highest honors that Reclamation can award a district, MID is extremely proud to have received this recognition.  This award shows the dedication and commitment of the District’s Board of Directors and staff to improve water management practices for the benefit of our District and our growers” stated Thomas Greci, General Manager.  


         Pictured from left:  General Manager Thomas Greci, Board President Carl Janzen, US Bureau of Reclamation
         Regional Director David Murillo, Assistant General Manager Dina Nolan, and Director Brian Davis 

District Transparency Certificate


The Madera Irrigation District (District or MID) has been awarded a District Transparency Certificate of Excellence by the Special District Leadership Foundation (SDLF) in recognition of its outstanding efforts to promote transparency and good governance. SDLF is an independent, non-profit organization formed to promote good governance and best practices among California’s special districts through certification, accreditation and other recognition programs.

“This award is a testament to the District’s commitment to open and transparent government,” said Thomas Greci, General Manager.  “MID strives for transparency in all of our practices.  I believe that for an organization to serve the public it represents, it must be transparent.”

In order to receive the award, a special district must demonstrate the completion of eight essential governance transparency requirements, including conducting ethics training for all board members, properly conducting open and public meetings, and filing financial transactions and compensation reports to the State Controller in a timely manner.  The District fulfilled fifteen website requirements including providing readily available information to the public such as board agendas, past minutes, current District budget, and three years of financial audits.  The District also had to demonstrate outreach to its constituents that engaged the public in its governance. This was accomplished through newsletters, a Facebook account, a Twitter account, annual growers meetings, presentations at various service clubs, and special community engagement projects such as the logo design contest the District held earlier this year.