MID Sets Water Rate

The Madera Irrigation District (MID or District) Board of Directors has set water rates for MID landowners which will begin on April 24, 2023.  The rates have been set at $72.50 per acre foot for Original District Lands and $145 per acre foot for Subordinate Lands.  The water will continue to be $0 per acre foot for landowners until April 24, 2023.

“Thus far, we have had an exceptional water year in 2023.  With this water availability, all District landowners should utilize the surface water the entire season for the benefit of their land and the groundwater aquifer.  The Board has set the price at the lowest water season rate in a number of years and hopes this promotes surface water use after numerous drought years” stated Jim Erickson, MID Board President.

MID is currently accepting Crop Water Applications and water orders.  As a reminder, water user information including previous water use and billing information is available on the software platform, WaterUI.

Please contact the MID Office for more information on Crop Water Applications or WaterUI.