MID Prepares for 2018 Water Deliveries

Madera Irrigation District (District or MID) will begin water releases this week, with deliveries to growers expected to begin as early as April 13, 2018.  After an exceptionally dry beginning to the year, the water forecast has improved and MID is anticipating an ample water season for its growers.

“MID’s Board of Directors and staff are prepared to begin the 2018 water season.  We look forward to another successful year and the ability to provide MID growers with high-quality, surface water” stated Thomas Greci, General Manager.

MID is currently accepting Crop Water Applications and will begin accepting water orders on April 11, 2018.  The MID Board of Directors set the rate of $95 per acre foot for Original District users and $190 per acre foot for Subordinate users.  The District is advocating for all MID growers, with the ability to take surface water, to do so and utilize this valuable resource that is available.