MID Naming Contest

Madera Irrigation District needs your help!  As many may know, Madera Irrigation District (MID or District) owns a piece of property commonly referred to as the “Madera Ranch”.  This property is located in southwest Madera County, approximately four miles southwest of the City of Madera.  MID purchased the property in 2005 and continues to own and operate the approximately 10,900 acres of grazing land.

As part of the District’s rebranding effort over recent years, MID needs the community’s assistance in renaming this property.  The District is looking to the residents of Madera County to contribute to the process as a community effort.  And, even better, you can win a cash prize of $500 while helping MID!

MID asks that you submit a name for consideration along with a brief explanation as to why the District should choose this name.  The District will not consider names of individuals when naming this property as the District is looking for a title that reflects the entire community of Madera, the property itself, and/or the significance of MID.  For the submission forms, please click HERE.