MID Concludes a Successful 2022 Water Season

Madera Irrigation District (MID or District) concludes the 2022 water season this week, supplying over 55,000 acre-feet of surface water to Madera in one of the driest years on record.  MID was able to secure surface water supplies and efficiently deliver those supplies to its landowners throughout the almost seven (7) week long season.

MID would like to thank its growers for their cooperation this year, allowing the District to effectively deliver these limited supplies, benefitting everyone within the District.  With this cooperation and MID’s skilled operations team, surface water supplies were maximized and groundwater pumping was reduced.

MID now will be entering its maintenance season, repairing, rehabilitating, and maintaining its critical infrastructure.  MID maintains an extensive amount of infrastructure which includes over 300 miles of canal and 150 miles of pipeline throughout the region.  MID’s infrastructure is the lifeline to surface water supplies for the District and, in turn, the community of Madera.

MID again thanks everyone for their cooperation this year and looks forward to the 2023 (hopefully wet) water season!