MID Begins One of the Earliest Water Seasons

Madera Irrigation District (MID or District) has begun initiating water deliveries to alleviate flood potential, provide delivery to District landowners, and begin groundwater recharge efforts.  The Board of Directors, at the District’s February 6, 2019 Special Board Meeting, made the decision to allow water deliveries to begin, marking this the second earliest season of deliveries since 1983.  In addition, the Board of Directors decided to provide this water free of charge for District growers until February 19, 2019, benefiting District growers while augmenting the groundwater aquifer.  MID is also continuing to promote the On-Farm Recharge Program, encouraging District growers to actively recharge surface water on their crops during these periods when water is available.

MID growers interested in taking advantage of this free water must fill out a Crop Water Application and order water prior to taking any deliveries, the availability and duration will be location dependent.

“Madera Irrigation District’s Board and Staff are eager to begin water deliveries in 2019 for the benefit of our District landowners.  Taking advantage of surface water supplies, when available, is key to ensuring sustainability as a District and as a groundwater subbasin going forward.” stated Thomas Greci, General Manager.

“MID’s Board of Directors is pleased for 2019 to begin as one of the earliest delivery seasons on record. With the opportunity of free water, MID is hoping all District landowners take advantage of this exceptional circumstance” stated Jim Erickson, MID Board President.

Madera Irrigation District is currently accepting Crop Water Applications and water orders.  The District’s urging all District growers with the ability to take surface water to do so between now and February 19, 2019.  To sign up or to order water please contact the office at 559-673-3514 or at Madera Irrigation District, 12152 Road 28 ¼, Madera, CA.