Madera Irrigation District Sets Date for End of Outstanding Water Season

The Madera Irrigation District (District or MID) would like to make all landowners aware that it expects to begin draining down the system the week of November 4.  MID has completed another remarkable season that began in February and ran for over nine (9) months.

“MID has had another outstanding water season.  The District was able to operate efficiently and maximize the supplies available to it, extending the season over nine months.  Along with normal District operations and deliveries, MID was also able to begin meeting its required goals towards groundwater sustainability by maximizing recharge and enacting a successful On-Farm Recharge Program” stated Thomas Greci, General Manager.

Once water season has concluded, MID will enter the 2019-2020 maintenance season.  MID will be rehabilitating, replacing, and upgrading facilities for future District operations during this maintenance period.