Madera Irrigation District Reduces Water Rates To Its Landowners, Complementing Its Already Historic Water Season

The Madera Irrigation District (District or MID) is set to reduce water rates to its landowners beginning November 1, 2023.  MID’s water rates will be reduced to just $10 per acre foot for Original District Lands and $10 per acre foot for Subordinate Lands.  This will allow MID landowners to continue to utilize surface water while it is available for both irrigation and groundwater recharge purposes.

These exceptionally low water rates just add to an already extraordinary water year for MID landowners.  2023 will mark the longest continuous run of water deliveries for MID in over 50 years!

“So far, MID has had a remarkable 2023 water season and it is continuing on.  MID and its landowners have done a great job utilizing the surface water and enhancing our groundwater sustainability” stated Jim Erickson, MID Board President.  “The District is reducing water rates and encouraging all District landowners to continue to use the incredible surface water supply we have this year.”