Lake Madera Grazing Lease Notice

The Madera Irrigation District is accepting lease proposals for the Lake Madera Grazing Lease.  There are approximately 1,069 acres available for grazing.  The lease term will be approximately five (5) years, beginning January 1, 2022, through December 31, 2026 with an optional five (5) year extension.  The information sheet is available here and a map of the location is available here or at the Madera Irrigation District Office, 12152 Road 28 ¼, Madera, CA 93637.  For a list of questions and answers received, please click here.

The Board Secretary must receive proposals by October 1, 2021, at 4:00 p.m.  Any party wishing to lease the property for grazing purposes will need to submit the following documents to the District:

  1. Cover letter identifying the name and contact information of the person or entity wishing to enter into a lease of the
  2. A description of your current grazing operations, including number of cattle, location of current grazing locations, and home base location for the operation of the business.
  3. Proposed annual rental payments and any escalations in the annual rental payments throughout the term of the lease including the 5-year extension period.
  4. Any other terms or provisions of the proposed lease that the party would like the District to consider.

Submission can be emailed or mailed to:

Andrea Sandoval
Madera Irrigation District
12152 Road 28 ¼
Madera, CA 93637