High Stormwater Runoff Flows in Madera Anticipated

Given the current weather forecast, Madera Irrigation District (MID or District) is anticipating high stormwater runoff flows in the area over the next week.  MID is coordinating with federal, state, and local agencies on these expected flows.  MID’s Operations and Maintenance staff have been busy preparing District facilities, however breaks can occur, particularly on properties adjacent to streams and creeks.

Current releases out of Hensley Lake into the Fresno River are 2,500 cfs.  Flood releases from Friant to the San Joaquin River through Madera Canal are expected in the upcoming days.

Madera County is the Flood Control Agency for the area and has provided information on resources available which can be accessed here.  Should you have questions or concerns related to flood control, please contact Madera County at 559-662-8015.

After years of drought, we are very thankful for the abundant water supply so far this year.  We encourage everyone to continue to stay aware and vigilant of the ever-changing conditions.