The Operations & Maintenance Department ensures that the Madera Irrigation District’s facilities are adequately operated and maintained for the delivery of water to landowners within the District.

The Operations staff manages surface water deliveries during the irrigation season and flood flows during the winter months.  The District is broken down into ten different District Systems, which are assigned to a designated Canal Operator. The Canal Operator for each System is responsible for managing surface water supplies and deliveries within that area.

The Maintenance staff is responsible for conducting maintenance and repairs of the District’s water distribution facilities, which include approximately 300 miles of canals and 150 miles of pipelines.  The Maintenance Department is also responsible for all herbicide and aquatic applications and for all vehicle and equipment maintenance and repairs.

Department Staff:

Charles Contreras, Operations & Maintenance Manager

Manuel Guillen, Operations Supervisor

Marty Barreras, Maintenance Supervisor

Carmina Espinoza, O&M Assistant