THE MISSION OF MADERA IRRIGATION DISTRICT is to obtain and manage affordable surface water and groundwater supplies in a manner which will ensure the long-term viability of irrigated agriculture in the District.


Friant North Alliance Press Release


A new water coalition is being formed by four districts in Fresno, Madera and Merced counties with contracts for Central Valley Project-Friant Division water from the San Joaquin River.  The Friant North Alliance is a development of four organizations that include the Fresno Irrigation District, Madera Irrigation District, Chowchilla Water District and Gravelly Ford Water District.  “Our districts have come together for mutual water supply development and to engage in federal and state policies affecting each district’s water users,” said Gary Serrato, Fresno Irrigation District General Manager. “We have common interests and objectives in how and when Friant water is supplied. Plus, we want to be able to speak with a credible and unified voice.”

Kole Upton, a Chowchilla Water District board member and Chairman of the new Alliance, said, “It’s something we in the northern portion of the Friant Division have needed to do for a long time. We have a lot of potential for water sharing for our constituents and, on the policy side, we have a lot in common.”  The Friant North Alliance is a new organization, separate and apart from the Friant Water Authority (FWA). The Madera and Fresno Irrigation Districts withdrew from the FWA earlier this year, while Chowchilla Water District withdrew a number of years ago, and Gravelly Ford Water District has never been a member of the FWA.

All four Districts hold Class 1, Class 2 or both Class 1 and 2 water contracts for water behind Friant Dam.  Serrato said the Alliance intends to be active in a number of current and ongoing common interests, activities and issues. Those include dealings with the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, which oversees the Central Valley Project; the FWA and other Friant Division contractors; and the San Joaquin River Exchange Contractors.The new Alliance intends to help facilitate the four districts’ participation in the San Joaquin River Restoration Program and development of what a memorandum of understanding terms “the development of mutually advantageous water supply and water management programs.”

No restriction is envisioned on the range of actions that might be discussed or pursued but the Alliance will pursue no action unless all the members agree. Each member district will continue to be able to pursue actions or agreements on its own or with third parties. Serrato said the Alliance may consider eventual formation of a joint powers authority or similar arrangement, and could evaluate possible additional members.

The Fresno Irrigation District’s basic water supply is from the Kings River but FID has a contract for Class 2 Friant Division water which is delivered when available through the Friant-Kern Canal.  The Madera and Chowchilla districts are the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation’s conveyance contractors for the CVP’s Madera Canal through their Madera-Chowchilla Water and Power Authority. In addition to San Joaquin River water, the two agencies have CVP supplies from two other streams. Madera receives Fresno River water delivered from Hidden Dam. Chowchilla gets water stored behind Buchanan Dam on the Chowchilla River.  Gravelly Ford, located in southwestern Madera County, can receive its CVP water directly from the San Joaquin River or through the Madera Canal and MID’s delivery system.


Notice of Intent




 NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Madera Irrigation District (MID or District) has completed an Initial Study/Negative Declaration for the proposed Madera Irrigation Annexation Project in accordance with the California Environmental Quality Act.

Project Location: The approximately 10,485-acre project site encompasses 18 parcels located in Madera County approximately 5 miles southwest of the City of Madera and 10 miles northwest of the City of Fresno. The Fresno River is located to the north and the San Joaquin River is located to the south of the project site. The project site is roughly bound by Avenue 12 to the north, Firebaugh Road to the west, Avenue 7 to the south, and Road 20 to the east.

Proposed Project: The proposed project would include the annexation of 18 parcels, approximately 10,485 acres, to MID jurisdiction. The District currently owns and operates the subject property and the annexation would not include changes in land use or operations. Currently, the project site is used for cattle grazing and the proposed project would maintain the existing land use and zoning designations. No upgrades or ground disturbance would be required as part of the annexation and the District would continue to engage in any ongoing maintenance, operations, and capital improvements, as applicable. Although the District previously received certain approvals and performed environmental review associated with water banking uses within the project site, the District is not presently performing water banking within Madera Ranch. This project does not relate to, and is not intended to facilitate or permit, any water banking activities on the project site. Any future water banking activities are independent of and not contingent upon, the annexation of the project site into the District. Therefore, for purposes of the environmental analysis, the project only includes the annexation of the subject parcels to the District.

Findings: The Initial Study prepared by the District was undertaken for the purpose of deciding whether the project may have a significant effect on the environment. It is hereby determined that, based on the information contained in the attached Initial Study/Negative Declaration, the project would not have a significant adverse effect on the environment.

Mitigation measures to avoid or reduce the project’s potentially significant effects to a less-than-significant level on the environment are not required.

Public Review: Copies of the Initial Study/Negative Declaration are on file and available for review by clicking here  and at the Madera Irrigation District Office, 12152 Road 28 1/4, Madera, California.

Written comments will be accepted from May 28, 2015 to June 29, 2015.  Any person wishing to comment on the Draft Initial Study/Negative Declaration must submit written comments to the following address:

Madera Irrigation District
12152 Road 28 1/4
Madera, CA 93637
(559) 673-3514
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


New Office Hours


Effective June 1, 2015, Madera Irrigation District’s new office hours will be 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.  The office will continue to remain open during the lunch hour.  If you have any questions, please call the District office at 559-673-3514.  On June 22, 2015, the office will remain open until 5:00 p.m. to accommodate the 2015 assessment installment payment deadline.


Well Monitoring Program

Madera Irrigation District (MID or District) is requesting participation from Madera County landowners for its well monitoring program.  MID routinely measures the depth to groundwater in various wells throughout the Madera area and would like to measure your well also.  The free monitoring service will provide valuable information for surface and groundwater management programs throughout the San Joaquin Valley (Valley).  This Program was originally developed by the United States Bureau of Reclamation (Reclamation) during the construction of the Central Valley Project in 1930.  This Program is now a joint effort of Reclamation, Department of Water Resources, and numerous local irrigation and water districts throughout the Valley.  Information generated by this ongoing groundwater study has resulted in changes to the way surface water has been delivered and improved groundwater tables throughout the Valley. The Program also allows Madera Irrigation District and other public agencies in Madera County to become eligible for certain grant opportunities, benefiting both the District and the community.  Please contact Eddie Mendez at the MID Office, 673-3514 for more information.



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Contact: Thomas A. Greci, General Manager (559) 673-3514

On December 10, 2014, the Board of Directors of the Madera Irrigation District (the “District”) voted to settle a dispute with Madera Valley, LLC (“MV”), its former financing partner in the District’s water bank, also known as Madera Ranch.  The dispute arose from the June 5, 2012, Project Participation Agreement (the “PPA”) between the District and MV.

The terms of the settlement agreement include a one-time payment to MV in the amount of $500,000, and an option to purchase specified amounts of water in moderate to wet rainfall years, for a 25-year term (as opposed to a much lengthier term under the PPA), with the amounts depending on the hydrology.  All water transferred must be used within the Friant service area, and in a manner consistent with the District’s contract with the Bureau of Reclamation. 

The District published notice of the proposed settlement agreement and the related water transfer agreement in the Madera Tribune in October and November of 2014, and circulated a Negative Declaration for public review and comment.  The District did not receive any public comments on the settlement agreement or the water transfer agreement.

According to the District’s General Manager Thomas A. Greci, “the settlement removes a significant amount of uncertainty for the District with respect to the water bank.  As far as what the bank may look like in the future, all options are on the table.  But first, the District must engage in a transparent, well-planned process to ensure both the Board and the District’s growers are apprised of the pros and cons of each option.  The District welcomes input from its growers, and is looking forward to a positive public dialog on this issue in the months to come.”

Members of the public seeking further information regarding the District’s settlement with MV, the PPA, or the water bank may contact their District representative, or Thomas A. Greci at (559) 673-3514.


2015 Assessments Notice

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the 2015 Madera Irrigation District Assessments will become due and payable on November 3, 2014. The first installment will become delinquent at 5:00 p.m. on Monday, December 22, 2014 after which time a ten percent (10%) penalty will be added thereon. The second installment will become delinquent at 5:00 p.m. on Monday, June 22, 2015, after which time a five percent (5%) penalty plus $10.00 for administration and publication costs will be added thereon. Assessment billings will be mailed out during the week of October 20, 2014.

Payments may be made at or mailed to the District Office at 12152 Road 28 ¼, Madera, CA 93637. If payments are mailed, they must be postmarked no later than the delinquency dates shown above for each installment in order to avoid penalties and costs.

NOTICE TO NEW PROPERTY OWNERS: Any individual, who has either purchased property within the Madera Irrigation District or changed their mailing address in the past year and has not received a 2015 Assessment Billing after the mailing date shown above, should inquire at the District Office or call (559) 673-3514. All deeds may not have been processed as of the date of the mailing, therefore, they would not have been entered into the assessment tax system. The taxpayer is responsible for paying their taxes timely whether or not they receive a bill.

Jill N. Low
Assistant General Manager
Madera Irrigation District